What happened next

09 July 2009

You might remember that Great Aunt Dahlia was telling me the story of how Grandmother Lily met Grandfather.

"Go on," I said, passing her another slice of carrot cake. "Grandmother Lily was drifting on the river in a punt all alone. What happened next?"

Great Aunt Dahlia brushed the crumbs from her whiskers. "Well, Lily tried to call for help. She shouted and waved, but a little rabbit in a little punt is a very small thing indeed, and no one noticed her."

"'Oh my, oh my! Whatever shall I do?' she cried to herself. By now, she was quite cold and hungry, and shaky with fear. So she pulled the picnic blanket over her, and lay down to rest.

The punt drifted on down the river. Suddenly, Lily woke with a start, and looked all round. There was nothing but the cold water below and dark clouds above. 'Oh my, oh my, I've drifted out to sea.'

'Bless my whiskers, there's a storm heading this way!'

And before she could do anything, the wind blew a great wave across the sea and snatched up the punt. Lily clung onto the side as they were tossed into the air, and --"

"Yes -- go on, Great Aunt Dahlia. What happened next?" I cried.

"Just a moment, young Bob Tail Rabbit. I think I could manage another slice of that carrot cake, and then I'll tell you."

Look out for the next episode, coming soon.