Cottage at Avebury

28 February 2020

Too wet to go outside to draw, so practising drawing from photographs.

They cut down the trees

26 February 2020

This path through the woods used to be protected from the noise of the motorway, but now they have cut down all the trees, leaving it exposed to the pollution.

Urban sketching: The City of London

22 February 2020

South bank of the Thames
A Tetris pattern of buildings. Marker pen and watercolour.

The Monument
Pencil, marker and watercolour

St Andrews Undershaft, on the corner of Leadenhall Street and St Mary Axe
Five hundred years of building. Marker pen and watercolour

Leadenhall Market
Marker pen and watercolour

St Paul's Cathedral
Pencil (continuous line, almost), and watercolour

Royal Courts of Justice
Pencil, marker, and watercolour

Jars and bottles

19 February 2020

Marker pen and digital colouring


Too wet to draw the trees that are outside.

Trees and allotments

After the storm

17 February 2020

Still windy, but the worst has passed. First snowdrops and crocuses.

Back to the park

14 February 2020

Haven't been here for ages. Windy as tomorrow's storm approaches, but not cold. Monty runs through the puddles.

Before Dennis

Urban sketching in London

01 February 2020

Quick sketches on a cold day.

Charing Cross Road

Leicester Square

St James, Piccadilly

Royal Academy Courtyard