Still lives with Perrier bottles

29 November 2021

Mixed media, about 20 x 20cm.

St Peter and St Paul

26 November 2021

St Peter and St Paul's church. Six continuous line drawings, pencil on A5 paper.

A feeling of winter

25 November 2021

Church, wide

Acrylic, ink, and collage 30 x 15cm.

Last of the autumn colours

23 November 2021

A painting in progress

Collaged in brown

Church, reconstructed

Drawing of the church, reassembled from the deconstructed bits.

Composition by surprise

A grid of masking tape, marks (based on the church drawings) painted over randomly, and then the tape removed to reveal unexpected and unpredictable compositions.

Acrylic and pencil on paper, 26 x 26 cm.