29 November 2020

Twenty and thirty minute drawings @rawumberstudios #rawumberlive 

Winter trees

In the park and in the butterfly garden. Pencil on paper, A4.

Life drawing

21 November 2020

Online life drawing with the St Ives School of Painting. Theme based on the work of Jenny Saville. Drawing, rubbing out, and drawing over, then focusing on foreshortening.

Life drawing sketches

12 November 2020

Watercolour pencil on paper, A4

Autumn trees

Still using the themes and motifs from the autumn trees.

Each acrylic and pastel on paper, A3.

Park bench

11 November 2020

Variations on a theme towards simplified abstraction. Autumn trees, muddy path, weak blue skies, falling leaves, park bench, and bird song.

Each acrylic and oil pastel on paper, A3.

Trees, colour

08 November 2020

A3 and A4, pastel and chalk on paper.

Trees, black and white

07 November 2020

Each: Charcoal on paper, A3.