Reduction linocut, final stage

10 November 2011

A final layer of dark green ink over the shadow areas completes the print.

Six stage reduction linocut, 10 x 10cm.

Reduction linocut, stage 5

09 November 2011

A darker green layer over the previous layers. Nearly there.

Reduction linocut, stage 4

08 November 2011

A small change: I printed a grey-purple shadow area just on the edge of the road, using a mask to keep the rest of the image unaffected.

Reduction linocut, stage 3

07 November 2011

The sky is finished, so that's all cut away; I also cut away some more details of the hedges and fields, and then printed the block in green.

Reduction linocut, stage 2

05 November 2011

Second layer, and already the picture is quite detailed. Another gradient blend: darker shade of blue down to a bright green.

Reduction linocut, stage 1

04 November 2011

And we're off again. First stage of a new reduction linocut: gradient blend from cobalt blue with lots of white at the top down to yellow and a bit of burnt sienna.