30 May 2020

Quick sketch of the park

26 May 2020

Virtual sketching: Rome

Back streets of Rome: Quick sketches from Google StreetView.

43 Via del Colosseo

20 Via del Colosseo (with a view of the Colosseum)

71 Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere 

18 Via di Grotta Pinta

22 Via Giulio Cesare Santini

Rabbit wears a mask


Memories of Rome II

15 May 2020

Fontana della Pigna

Belvedere Torso, in the Vatican Museums

St Peters from the Vatican Gardens, early morning

Memories of Umbria III

12 May 2020


New view

One advantage of working from photos is that I have found new angles on familiar views: usually, I would be sitting on that bench to draw the Butterfly Garden.

Across Sussex

10 May 2020

From the hill above Wilmington, across the valley, towards Firle Beacon.

Hedge and ditch

07 May 2020

Into the light IV

Down at the other entrance to the park.

Stones at Avebury

Garden gate

06 May 2020

Memories of Venice II

The rear of San Giacomo di Rialto, from the Rialto Bridge

A small bridge, again

I drew this small bridge a few weeks ago, but since then Spring has arrived, and everything's growing like mad.

Memories of Venice

05 May 2020

San Giacomo di Rialto, Venezia


New pond

04 May 2020

They started to build a new pond in the park just before the lockdown started. Of course, there has been no work on it since then. Perhaps it's better if they just leave it to nature to complete.