Three pots

30 July 2015

Three pots
Ink and watercolour, 14 x 9 cm.

Sunflowers: Work in progress

29 July 2015

Linocut, 18 x 18 cm.

I use far more white ink that any other colour, so always order two tins at a time, to make sure that I don't run out. But when I opened the white ink tin this morning, it was almost empty. And the back-up tin has disappeared. Or perhaps this is the back-up tin.

So this block is printed just in black relief ink, and then hand-coloured with acrylic ink.

Testing the market

14 July 2015

Linocut, 14 x 14 cm.

Test piece for a larger print of a market scene. It will be either black-and-white, or handcoloured... once I've changed the composition so that the man doesn't have an umbrella growing out of the top of his head.

Accidental pintar

11 July 2015

In London again, down to the storage place in Chelsea to pick up the leftovers from the SGFA Bankside exhibition. Strolling along the Chelsea Embankment with with my bag of bubblewrap, I see a painter at their easel. And then another, and another, and another. Turns out my visit coincides with the Pintar Rapido event: artists paint on Saturday, and then the exhibition is on Sunday at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

I'm too late to take part in that, so instead I will paint the painters.

Here's Chelsea Albert Bridge in its pastel blue and yellow and pink, with one of the artists at work.

And further down the Chelsea Embankment, where the houseboats are docked. There are two more painters nearby (but out of range of my pencil).

Each: Ink and watercolour, 42 x 13. Click to enlarge.

Under the road again

09 July 2015

A month after my previous visit, I returned to the underpass by the motorway to see what had changed. The plants have grown a bit. White bramble flowers have appeared. The big nettle in the front has grown and produced seeds, and insects have eaten holes in its leaves.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 23cm.

(Second in a series: Click here to see the rest)