28 February 2021

Thirty minute sketch, charcoal on A4 paper.

After Gainsborough

26 February 2021

Drawing based on a oil sketch by Thomas Gainsborough, "Portrait of Margaret Gainsborough holding a Theorbo", at the National Gallery.


21 February 2021

Thirty minutes. Pencil on paper, A4.


14 February 2021

Ten, twenty, and thirty minute sketches. Charcoal pencil on paper, A4.

More snow

11 February 2021



10 February 2021


Puddles in the woods

09 February 2021



07 February 2021

Three twenty minute drawings.

A cold day

After Seurat

06 February 2021

Drawings inspired by poses from George Seurat's Bathers at Asnières. 4B graphite pencil on NOT watercolour paper, approx A4.