Sussex Art Collective Exhibition

27 November 2015

I will be exhibiting some of my “Sussex” linocuts at the Sussex Art Collective exhibition.
Hop Art Gallery (at the Star Brewery), Fisher Street, Lewes BN7 1YJ
28 November – 20 December 2015
Open every day: Tuesday – Saturday 10.30 – 17.00; Sunday and Monday 12.00 – 16.00
Lewes Late Night Shopping: Thursday 3 Dec 18.00 – 20.00

Bird in trousers

26 November 2015

Under the motorway (November)

25 November 2015

Third attempt to get back to the motorway! Last week was rained off. Monday was sunny, but too cold: after five minutes of barely being able to move the pen, I had to go back inside. Today, the sun was out, and it was warm enough to draw again.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 23cm. Click to enlarge.

The undergrowth has almost all died down, and the trees are nearly bare, revealing some more trees in the distance that I couldn't see before.

(Sixth in a series: Click here to see the rest)

A change in the weather

20 November 2015

In spite of the mist, rain, and grey clouds that we've had for weeks, it has been unseasonably warm (the second warmest November on record, so they say). Today, at last, the sun came out, so I went back to the park to paint. But it was also desperately cold, and the sunshine was too feeble to dry the paint properly. I ended up with too many unintentional "wet-in-wet" effects, and didn't finish the picture as I wanted to.

Ink and watercolour, 30 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.

Mist and rain

19 November 2015

I intended to go down to the motorway again today, to paint this month's entry in my ongoing "Under the motorway" series, but heavy rain kept me in the car. Here's the view from the carpark; the motorway is on the other side of the far trees. I kept the electrics on so that I could wipe the windscreen at frequent intervals.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.

...And another grey day

12 November 2015

Sunshine at 9am, the first we've seen for over a week, so decided to go to the park again. Of course, by the time I got there, the sky was grey again.

Ink and watercolour, 30 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.

Another day in the park

11 November 2015

Another grey November day, searching for some colour in the park. At least there's no one else around to disturb me, apart from a brown labrador dog who rushes past: no sign of his owner.

Ink and watercolour, 30 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.

Back to the Butterfly Garden

09 November 2015

Back in the "Butterfly Garden" in the corner of the local park. Even on a dull November day, there is still plenty of colour to be found in the leaves and berries.

Ink and watercolour, 30 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.