The Fancy Dress Party

01 July 2009

All the rabbits in the burrow were very excited this morning when we received an invitation to a party. "Fancy Dress To Be Worn," it said. "Come as your greatest hero!"

We all rushed off to decide what to wear, and then showed the others what we'd chosen. I was first.
"I'm going as the cleverest rabbit I know: Michelangelo Bunnyrotti."
"I've chosen the most beautiful rabbit in the world," said Clarissa. "Marilyn Bunroe."

And my friend Nigel Floppyears said, "I'm going to be the bravest rabbit that there ever was: Napoleon Bunnyparte."

Finally, it was Naughty Kitten's turn.

"Who are you going as?" we asked, as he disappeared behind the screen.
"I'm going as the greatest and cleverest and most beautiful and bravest cat in the whole wide universe..."

"Who's that?"