Past the station

30 July 2020

Park marks III

Some marks here that could well form the basis of a painting or two.


29 July 2020

Park sketches

28 July 2020

Ashdown Forest: Studio drawings

25 July 2020

More working drawings based on the onsite sketches from last week. Charcoal, watercolour, and oil pastel, A3.

First view: North from Friends Clump

Second view: Horizon, west from Friends Clump

Parks marks II

24 July 2020

Ashdown Forest from Friends Clump II

23 July 2020

A new version of yesterday's painting. Kept the palette drastically limited to just black, white, and yellow ochre, then a couple of marks in cobalt and cadmium yellow. Acrylic and oil pastel, A1.

Vicarage Road and around

Ashdown Forest from Friends Clump

22 July 2020

Painting based on yesterday's drawings. Acrylic on paper, A1. Probably needs a bit more work, but it's been a long day already.

Park marks

In the park: Working drawings

21 July 2020

Drawings worked up from yesterday's sketches. Charcoal and oil pastel, A3.

Ashdown Forest studies

Some studies working from the sketches that I did the other day. Charcoal, watercolour, and a bit of oil pastel, A2.

Twenty four minutes in the park

20 July 2020

In the park: Twelve more drawings in pencil and pastel, A4.