Devil's Dyke

30 March 2022

On the coast, the sun was shining. But Devil's Dyke was lost in mist and rain blowing down from the north. Trying to paint and draw here, but barely able to hold the brush, it was so cold. Didn't stay long.

Watercolour and pencil, A4 and A3.

Jars and things

27 March 2022


Watercolour, 24 x 24 cm

Plant, pots

26 March 2022


Mixed media, A3



This is Ben. He has just fallen off his bike, and cannot remember where he is. Or why.

This is Charles. He is quite surprised by most things. Today, he saw a pigeon splashing in a puddle, and Charles was quite surprised.

Three paths in the Butterfly Garden


Tree lined paths

25 March 2022


Ink and watercolour, 13 x 9 cm

Two years on

24 March 2022

I've had no reason to be here on the path by the motorway for the last two years, but now I'm back again, drawing the same view that I drew just before everything started.

Two years on: everything has changed, nothing has changed, and everything has changed.

 Ink and watercolour, 27 x 9 cm

Three benches and some trees

23 March 2022

One of those delightful spring days when there is almost a hint of summer in the air. Enough to make me linger in the park, and fill four pages of my sketchbook.

Sketching daffodils

22 March 2022

Acrylic, pencil and collage on paper, 24 x 24 cm.

At the station

It's very quiet here. Two years ago, the station car park would have been packed by early morning. Now, even though it's "all over", and we have to go back to the office to support the sandwich shops, the car park is less than half full.
Ink and watercolour, 27 x 9 cm.

Spring in the Weald

20 March 2022

A clear bright day in the Sussex weald. Two drawings in line and wash from the car window: in spite of the sunshine, it was still a bit too cold to stand outside to draw.

Butcherfield Lane

Spode Lane

Fence posts

17 March 2022


Quiet moments

15 March 2022

Spending a short while in the park, just drawing anything that fills the space and time.

A warmer day

10 March 2022

It was warm in the sunshine today. Time to revisit some favourite subjects.

To the park and back

03 March 2022

It was good to get out after two days of rain, but the park was deep in mud. So I sketched the track to the park, and then the track back again.