Drawing trees

17 March 2018

St James's Park, London

14 March 2018

Landscape lines: 9

09 March 2018

Landscape lines: 8

08 March 2018

Landscape lines: 7

07 March 2018

the hills
far away

Landscape lines: 6

05 March 2018

blue skies
over green grass—
all that you need

Landscape lines: 5

take away everything
until everything is left

Landscape lines: 4

04 March 2018

almost nothing left
except that which matters

Landscape lines: 3

03 March 2018

Further simplification down to broad shapes and lines.

Landscape lines: 2

02 March 2018

More landscape lines. Trying to work out how to convert an abstractylandscapey painting into a print. Simplifying shapes, lines and colours.

Marker pens on paper.

Landscape lines: 1

01 March 2018

Quick landscape lines, based on the view of the houses at Achintraid. A linocut might emerge from these. Marker pen on paper.