29 May 2022

Viking Bay, Broadstairs

A day in Kent

28 May 2022

On the seafront, Herne Bay

Reculver Towers

Whitstable Harbour


27 May 2022

The path to the park, and back again, is all overgrown.

Compare with how it was nearly three months ago.

An unscheduled stop

26 May 2022

Drawing in Ashdown Forest.

Ashdown Forest

Drawing and painting near Hollies car park.

A bench in the shade

17 May 2022

Drawing in the park on the hottest day of the year so far.

Albourne church

12 May 2022

Albourne church
Walls: stone rubble. Yellow sandstone windows.
Chancel: Blocked-in round-headed window in south wall.
Chevron arch to chancel.
Graveyard: West wall. 2(+?) Norman arches at base; beakhead (well-worn), and chevrons.