Trees reject renegotiation

29 January 2019

Cold and wet today. Painting through the car windscreen. Limited palette of french ultramarine, yellow ochre and burn sienna. 

Trees no longer know they want

28 January 2019

Desperately cold, in spite of the bright sunshine and blue sky. Neither ink nor paint dries properly at these temperatures.

Two women on horseback ride past, and wave, "Thank you very much!". Not sure what I did, so just say, "You're welcome".

Winter greys return

26 January 2019

After yesterday's vague hint of spring, the winter greys return.

Winter allotments

25 January 2019

Up at the allotments. No one else here, even though it's warmer today, even a small bit of blue in the sky. Daffodils almost showing buds.

Sun doesn't last long. Return to winter greys.

Freezing trees

23 January 2019

Temperatures struggle to get above freezing. Really shouldn't be out here drawing. Paint doesn't dry in this weather. Keeping to a minimal palette to reduce time spent choosing and mixing colours. French ultramarine, yellow ochre, burnt sienna.

Sun on Sunday

20 January 2019

Bright sunshine, but no warmth at all.

In a cold wind

18 January 2019

drawing fast in the cold wind... hands barely able to hold the pen... Brian, come here! Brian, don't do that! Brian, keep up with me!... Brian is a Jack Russell.

The River Eden at Lingfield

13 January 2019

a dark day, drained of colour

First picture is a closer view of the subject of an earlier drawing... three years ago... time vanishes...

Flowers ignore the chaos

The quiet days

11 January 2019

the colours and lights of the midwinter festivals turned off, the earth returns to hibernation... a weak white sun behind dull clouds... but the first blades of daffodils push through the autumn mulch

so cold, the paint was slow to dry... unexpected, unintended, wet-in-wet

Trees debate a motion about an amendment

09 January 2019

Too cold to draw for long, even sitting in the car. Ivy-wrapped tree silhouetted against a yellow-white sky.

Flowers celebrate the new year

01 January 2019

Carnations and chrysanthemums