Back to the Butterfly Garden

11 September 2015

Back in the "Butterfly Garden" in the corner of the local park. Even on a dull November day, there is still plenty of colour to be found in the leaves and berries.


Ink and watercolour, 30 x 23 cm. Click to enlarge.

South Street, Dorking

Daniel don't climb up there you're only allowed to go up there if you live there and you don't I said Daniel get down the bus will be here in two minutes now you're stuck how are you going to get down get down now the bus is here

Ink and watercolour, 42 x 13cm.

Under the motorway (September)

10 September 2015

The trees higher up are starting to change colour, but down here in the shelter of the motorway bridge, everything is still green. Some of the nettles have died down, but the biggest change is that sun is much lower in the sky: the trees in the distance are in shadow.

Ink and watercolour, 31 x 23cm. Click to enlarge.

(Fourth in a series: Click here to see the rest)

Bill the birthday rabbit

01 September 2015