Linocut, stage 3

15 September 2011

Darker green over the previous stages.

Nearly there.

Linocut, stage 2

11 September 2011

A tricky gradient from dark grey to yellowish green to dark grey across the previous layer.

Linocut, stage 1

09 September 2011

This new linocut starts with a gradient of grey to grey-brown. The challenge here will be keeping the registration perfect: as the layers of ink build up at each stage, the slightest misregistration will make the white lettering disappear.

Croydon Art Society exhibition opens

05 September 2011

The Croydon Art Society exhibition at Denbies Vineyard in Surrey starts today, and is open every day until 4pm on Sunday 18 September.

High Waving Heather
Reduction linocut • Image size 15 x 15cm • Edition of 12

Linocut, stage 4

04 September 2011

Fourth and final stage. Near-black ink printed over the previous three layers.

Lincut, final stage

Jeans, TShirts, Shoes. 10 x 10 cm.

This is another building that I found in the North Laines area of Brighton. The morning sun highlighted the clothes hanging in the window against the dark interior of the shop.

Life drawing

03 September 2011

A difficult standing pose for our model at today's life drawing session.

Both pencil on paper, approx A3.

Linocut, stage 3

02 September 2011

Red is difficult to print on top of. I printed this layer in grey (a mix of cobalt blue and burnt sienna, with white).


Linocut, stage 2

01 September 2011

Red printed over the previous blue layer. The red ink (T.N. Lawrence's scarlet) is very transparent. If you add white in an attempt to increase the opacity, the red turns to pink. I adding lots (nearly 50:50) of warm yellow ink, which increased the opacity without shifting the colour.


The lamp will have darker ink printed on it later, but I didn't want the red on those parts because I was worried that the slightest misregistration would show up too much. So I used a mask to hide these parts from the red on this layer.