A trip to the theatre

29 April 2009

Clarissa decided it was about time that we got some culture, so she bought tickets for the theatre. We all dressed up in our Sunday best — Clarissa, me, Nigel, and his little dog, Winston, who even put on his Sunday best collar — and we went along to the Burrow Theatre. The theatre was very popular. There were hardly any spare seats.

Clarissa said that the play was called "Waiting for Carrot" by Samuel Rabbitt. Well, I don't know what was going on; I spent two hours waiting for the carrot, but it never turned up.

What a disappointment!

When we got home, I drew this picture of us at the theatre.

Decorator Rabbit!

17 April 2009

It's that time of year when the Spring sunshine makes the entire burrow look dull and dingy, and you realise it's time to brighten it up with a lick of fresh paint.

My friend Nigel Floppyears has given up waiting for us to choose which colour to paint the burrow, so he's gone ahead and painted his bedroom. His little dog Winston gave him a helping paw, and I drew this picture of them while they worked.

The Jade Rabbit

12 April 2009

You might remember that a while back, Clarissa and I spent the night under the stars looking for the Jade Rabbit on the moon.

One day, we’re going to visit him for real. I asked my friend, Nigel Floppyears if he could build us a rabbitrocket, but he says it’s impossible.

So I've drawn this picture of what I think the Jade Rabbit looks like. He’s mixing a new batch of the “elixir of life” for the Chinese princess. I don’t know what ingredients go into the elixir of life, but I’m sure it must need lots and lots of carrots. When we meet him up there on the moon, we’ll find out; nothing is impossible.

A postcard from Naughty Kitten

07 April 2009

Only this morning, Clarissa mentioned that we hadn't seen Naughty Kitten round here for a few days, when there was a knock at the door. It was our postman, Cyril Squirrel.

"Postcard for you," said Cyril. "Looks like someone's on holiday."

It was a postcard from Naughty Kitten! He's gone for a week by the seaside.

"Having a lovely time on the beach!" he wrote. "I'm building sandcastles and eating lots of ice-cream! Not going in the water though — nasty wet stuff, bleagh! Wish you were here! Love and licks, Naughty Kitten".

So I drew this picture of Naughty Kitten on the beach with his bucket and spade.

A is for Aardvark

02 April 2009

Yesterday morning, Clarissa and I were hopping across the field gathering dandelions for dinner, when we heard a snuffling noise from behind the hedge. Clarissa grabbed my arm.

"Who's there?" I called out. I knew Clarissa was scared that it might be Bad Fox.

"A," said a voice. Well, at least it wasn't Bad Fox (he just goes Grrr!).

"A what?"

"A is for Aardvark."

And then out from behind the hedge popped a head: long pointy ears, not unlike mine, and a long pointy nose, nothing like mine.

"I'm Alan the Aardvark. I've come all the way from South America to see you. Now isn't it time you offered me a nice cup of tea; it's been a long journey."

"Hello, Alan! Of course you can have a cup of tea; come on back to the burrow."

Clarissa offered Alan an ice-cream while she put the kettle on to boil, and I drew this picture of our new friend with his cornet.