Under the sea

15 July 2009

I begged Great Aunt Dahlia to tell me the next part in the story of how Grandma Lily met Grandfather Scutter. "So Grandma drifted out to sea, and was caught in a storm -- Did she survive?"

"Well, of course, she survived, you silly Bob Tail Rabbit," said Great Aunt Dahlia. "If she hadn't survived, you would never have been born, and I'd be sitting here talking to that empty plate."

"The storm tossed Lily out of the punt, and she fell into the cold water. Further and further she fell, until she reached almost to the bottom of the ocean."

"Lily swam around looking at the fish and the shells and the rocks. She told me she even saw a merbunny."

"Then in the distance, she saw a hollow rock -- a cave -- and in the darkness, she could see something glittering."

"Cautiously, she swam into the cave, and do you know what she found?"

"No; what?"

"Treasure, that's what she found. An enormous treasure chest overflowing with the most beautiful golden carrots that you can imagine."

"Oh my! Did Grandma take the treasure, and become rich, and live happily ever after?"

"Well, Bob Tail Rabbit, life isn't as simple as that. Oh dear, all this talk about carrots has made me hungry again. Now, didn't I mention something about an empty plate?"

"I'll get you another slice of cake..."