rabbits 41 to 45

30 September 2009

Rabbits fly!

These rabbits are reaching for the stars...

rabbits 36 to 40

29 September 2009

And more and more and more rabbits.

36 is -- hey, 36, we're over here!
37 is ready for bed.
38 is flying the flag.
39 -- oops, I think he got knocked over by the flag.
40 has won a medal.

rabbits 31 to 35

28 September 2009

And now for some more rabbits.

31 is just standing around.
32 is just sitting down.
But 33 and 34 and 35 want to play cricket -- Howzat rabbits!

rabbits 26 to 30

27 September 2009

Yet more rabbits!

26, 27 and 28 have come as a trio.
29 doesn't know which way is up.
And I think 30 is scoring 29 for "artistic interpretation".

South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts

I'm delighted that three of my linocuts are to be exhibited at the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts open exhibition in Exeter, from 3 to 16 October.

The three prints are:

Podere le Vigne

High Waving Heather

Summer Solstice

rabbits 21 to 25

26 September 2009

Look! More rabbits!

21 is so happy to be here!
22 and 23 give each other a big hug.
24 is a very good rabbit.
25 is a very bad rabbit!

rabbits 16 to 20

25 September 2009

More rabbits!

16 and 17 are getting ready to watch television.
18 is Postie Rabbit, bringing a birthday card.
19 doesn't want to catch a cold.
20 has his nose in a book. He looks a bit worried about what he's reading!

rabbits 11 to 15

24 September 2009

Day three, and another five rabbits appear!

11 and 12 are going to sing a song for us.
13 isn't quite sure which way to look.
14 is standing on a box so that he doesn't miss anything.
And 15 is sitting down, 'cos he's a bit tired.

rabbits 6 to 10

23 September 2009

Today, I drew five more rabbits, numbers six to ten!

6 and 7 are holding hands...Ahhh!
8 is making sure we don't miss him.
9 and 10 are playing football... but I think they're on different teams.

An infinite number of rabbits...

22 September 2009

"Great Aunt Dahlia says she can't remember what happened next," I told Clarissa.

"I expect another slice of carrot cake will jog her memory."

"I think she's just getting old and forgetful," I said, worried that the carrot cake was already disappearing too fast. "How old do you think she is?"

"Well, I just happen to know it's her birthday next week. She'll be one hundred years old."

"One hundred!" I said. "Gosh, I can't imagine being that old. That's like, like infinite."

"Oh no," said Clarissa. "One hundred is nowhere near infinite."

"What's the difference?"

"Well, the difference is you could draw one hundred rabbits, but you could never draw an infinite number of rabbits".

That gave me an idea. "I'm going to draw one hundred rabbits for Great Aunt Dahlia, one for each year that we're celebrating." I hopped off to the studio to draw.

"But that's only five rabbits," said Clarissa.

"Come back tomorrow..."

As seen on TV

18 September 2009

Our exhibition was featured on BBC South East!

Exhibition opens

12 September 2009

The exhibition at the Ashdown Forest Centre is now open.

(Click the picture above for a better view.)

Ashdown Forest

04 September 2009

Ashdown Forest: Friends Clump and Camp Hill Clump from the west.
Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60cm.


01 September 2009

Still life painted using only cobalt blue, yellow oxide, burnt sienna, white and -- don't tell anyone -- black. It's on top of a failed landscape: some of the colours of that painting show through, giving an interesting effect.
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30cm.