End of year trees

31 December 2018

Flowers taking a day off

23 December 2018

Ink and watercolour, 18 x 18 cm.

Barbara Rae at Canada House

6 December 2018

Panorama of part of the exhibition of paintings and monoprints from trips through the North West Passage.

The end of the drive

19 November 2018

November hits. Too cold to stand outside to draw, so this quick sketch was done from inside the slightly warmer car.

Sir and the lion

16 November 2018

Basil and parsley.

Trees on Wednesday

14 November 2018

Trees on a slope

6 November 2018

Trees with colour

18 October 2018

Trees in grey

8 October 2018

Seven trees

5 October 2018

Up a tree

2 October 2018

Today's tree had an arrow on it.