Allotments, cold

30 December 2020

A mild start to the month turned to near-freezing temperatures today, so just a couple of very quick sketches up at the allotments.

Path by the fence



28 December 2020

Portrait drawing @rawumberstudios. Ten, twenty, and thirty minute poses.

Allotments, puddle

27 December 2020


Quick stile

24 December 2020

Biting cold wind from the north today. A very quick sketch of a stile done on location, followed by a more careful drawing from a photo of the same subject, done in the warmth after returning home.

Raining again

22 December 2020

Quick sketches between the heavy rain showers. Pencil on A4 paper.

A seasonal portrait

20 December 2020

Ten, twenty, and thirty minute sketches @rawumberstudios. Pencil and pastel pencil on A4 paper.

Talk and draw

18 December 2020

Sketching a detail of Jan Gossaert's "The Adoration of the Kings", at a National Gallery Talk and Draw session.


Trees and a gate

Gate at the end

15 December 2020

Ink on paper, 15 x 15cm

Pairs of trees

Fence and bench

14 December 2020


13 December 2020

Expressions. Ten, twenty, and thirty minute poses.

Bench at the end


12 December 2020

 Twenty minute pose, and the thirty minute pose, twice.

A walk round the park

The gazebo

Track to the farm

Two trees

Digging a ditch

Lych Gate Cottage, Hartfield

Lych Gate Cottage, Hartfield, at the entrance to the churchyard. Dated 1520, restored 1946. Pencil on paper, A4.

Barn at the end

11 December 2020


10 December 2020

Up at the allotments. Pen and ink, 15 x 15cm.

Down by the farm

09 December 2020


08 December 2020

Misty this morning, but this afternoon there was some sunshine.

The old herb garden

Pen and ink, 15 x 15cm.