Snow in Spring

18 June 2009

It was one of those Spring days that makes you think that Summer is already here. The sun shone in the clear blue sky. Clarissa said, "Let's take a picnic up to the old apple tree at top of the hill".

We unfolded the picnic cloth and lay under the tree. "Look at the blossom, isn't it pretty?" said Clarissa, tucking into a carrot. "If we wait long enough, the blossom will turn into flowers and the flowers will turn into apples."

"It's beautiful," I said, closing my eyes. The warmth of the day and a tummy full of carrots made me sleepy. The blossom fluttered in the soft breeze.

I woke suddenly. "Clarissa, wake up!" I cried. "Look, everything's turned white; it's been snowing while we slept!"

"Don't be a silly rabbit, that's not snow -- It's all the blossom from the tree!" The wind had blown down all the petals, and the entire hill had turned white and pink. "Come on, it's time to go home; we'll be late for dinner."

"Well, it looks like snow. Do you think it works like snow?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want to be late for dinner. Jump into the picnic basket!"

And we made it all the way back to the burrow, just in time for dinner.