23 June 2009

I'm still finding out more about our family history. When Great Aunt Dahlia came to afternoon tea, I asked her if she knew how Grandma Lily met Grandpa Scutter.

"Well now, Bob Tail Rabbit, there's a fine story," she said, sipping a cup of nettle tea. "It was all a long time ago. Your Grandma Lily was out with her latest beau. He took her punting on the river."

"Was that Grandpa?"

"No," hesitated Great Aunt Dahlia. "That was -- I can't remember his name now. It was a very long time ago, and your Grandma Lily did have quite a number of gentlebunny friends -- but that's another story..."

"It was one of those warm summer days when the heat seems to make everything slow down. Lily laid back in the punt and let her paw drift in the water... Suddenly, there was a shout!"

"She opened her eyes to see her friend clutching onto the pole for dear life, while she was still in the punt, being carried downstream by the current."

"Bless my whiskers!" I cried. "Whatever happened next? How did Grandma Lily meet Grandpa?"

"Ah, I'll just have another piece of this fine carrot cake, and then I'll tell you."

Look out for the next part of this story, coming soon.