Midnight craving

09 June 2009

"You've been such a good rabbit lately," said Clarissa, "I'm going to make your favourite: Carrot ice-cream."

I helped Clarissa mix the milk and cream and eggs, and most important of all, the carrots.

"Can we eat it now?" I said.

"No, we have to put it in the freezer overnight. Get your paw out of the bowl -- it will be ready in the morning."

That night, I couldn't sleep. I lay awake worrying about the ice-cream...

What if the recipe had gone wrong...? What if we hadn't put enough carrots in...? Clarissa would be so disappointed. I decided it was my duty to check that the ice-cream was all right.

I crept downstairs.

I had just opened the freezer, when suddenly the kitchen light turned on.

"Bless my ears and whiskers, Bob Tail Rabbit!" said Clarissa. "I heard noises in the kitchen; I thought we'd got burglars!"

"And you were going to fight them off with that spoon?"

"Ah -- I just thought while I was down here that I should make sure that the ice-cream was all right."

"So did I! Let's try it!"

So we tried it.
And it was all right.
Every little bit!