Cold Canary

17 January 2016

Another exciting day with the Urban Sketchers London group.

The first drawing is the building work at Newfoundland Point, where you can see the "Shard", the "Cheesegrater", and the "Gherkin" on the horizon. The challenges here were:
1) the freezing cold wind
2) the surveyor who needed to plant his theodolite right in front of me
3) the clouds of sooty smoke belching from a vent
4) the fact that cranes move (there was actually only one orange crane)
5) did I mention the freezing cold wind?

In the afternoon, we moved to the Roof Garden above the new Crossrail Station, where it was slightly less cold!

Nonetheless, Canary Wharf is full of interesting drawing subjects and it was a great day out; many thanks to Katherine for organising it, and to everyone who came along.

Both drawings: Ink and watercolour, 42 x 13cm.