Emergency at the carrot field

29 February 2012

"Come quickly!" Clarissa burst into my studio. "There's an emergency down at the carrot field!"

I hopped after Clarissa as fast as I could, out of the burrow, and down to the field.

All the other rabbits were already there, looking up in horror. Oh, bless my ears and whiskers! In front of us was the biggest, tallest, hugest fence you ever did see.

Rabbits looking at a tall fence

"Whatever are we going to do?" wailed Clarissa. "How are we going to get our carrots?"

"Don't panic," said Nigel Floppyears. "We'll find a way! Us rabbits aren't put off this easily."

"If only we rabbits were capable of flying!" I said.

"Why, Bob Tail Rabbit," said Nigel, "I think you've got it! Wait here, everyone." Nigel rushed to his workshop. Bang! Saw! Ow! Huff! Puff! A few moments later, he reappeared. "Look, this is what we need!"

Rabbit with a balloon

"It's a cap, and it's able to fly! I'll be over the fence in seconds. Winston: the scissors!"

Dog cutting rope

We watched Nigel rise into the air.

Rabbit flying up 1

Rabbit flying up 2

Rabbit flying up 3

Up, until he was just a speck in the sky...

Rabbit flying up 4

...and then not even that.


We waited.

After a while, Clarissa said, "Of course, Nigel has found a way to get up... but how is he going to get down again...?"