More solarplate etching: Lhasa, Tibet

27 April 2011

After I saw how much detail the solarplate etching technique picked up from photographs, I wanted to find out whether it work as well with my drawings.

I chose two drawings out of my sketchbook from Tibet, created a transparency, and then etched it onto the photopolymer plate.

Lhasa. Solarplate etching, A4. Click for bigger version.

Again, the plate has picked up every detail of the original image. The top drawing, of Barkhor Square, was drawn in pen and ink; the bottom one, of the Jokhang temple, was in pen and ink, with watercolour washes. All the lines and tones are there.

I then printed the plate again in dark blue and red.

Lhasa. Solarplate etching, A4, second version. Click for bigger version.

My plan had been to cut the plate to create two etchings, but I think I prefer the two images together.

It's difficult to clean the solarplates when inking them, so there's quite a bit of plate tone left. (If anyone knows how to get the white areas whiter, please let me know!)