London linocut, final stage

14 August 2010

Finished, at last. I printed some black-blue to make the details in the windows, the top of the tower, and the boxes at the front stand out.

St Mary Axe/Leadenhall. Five stage reduction linocut, 30 x 24cm.

This is the view from the steps of the Lloyds building in the City of London, looking east to the corner of St Mary Axe and Leadenhall. Like in so many places of the City, you get a sweep of architectural history in a single view. In the centre of the picture is the 16th C Perpendicular church of St Andrew Undershaft. To the right, there's a late Victorian office building, now a branch of Lloyds TSB; and to the left, a messy lump of 1980's postmodernism. Behind them all rises 30 St Mary Axe, better known as the "Gherkin".

This print has been a bit of a nightmare at times. It's only the second print I've done this big, and it's by far the most complicated: I estimate cutting the block took about 20 hours. I think I'm pleased with the result. And at least I've learnt something: don't use red Sharpie on lino.

P.S. Just noticed: This is my 100th post on this blog.