My new camera

07 November 2009

I have a new camera. I've never had a camera before. The first thing I decided to do with it was take a lovely picture of Clarissa. I thought you might be interested in some of the things that I learnt.

1. Ask before you take a photo.

2. Hold the camera the right way up.

3. Get the subject near the centre of the picture.

4. Make sure that everyone is facing the right way.

5. Make sure that everyone is smiling.

6. Get in close to the subject.

7. Not that close.

8. Hold the camera level.

9. Don't put your paw over the lens.

10. Check the exposure.

11. Check the exposure. Again.

12. Focus.

13. Keep still.

14. Don't cut off the top of their ears.

15. Too high!

16. Too low!

17. Make sure that Nigel Floppyears doesn't get in the way. Or anyone else.

Now you're all ready to take the photo.
Press the button, and --

18. Make sure that everyone hasn't walked off 'cos they're bored.

I'm going back to my pencils.