A busy morning

19 May 2009

Yesterday was a busy morning in the burrow. Clarissa was cooking lunch; Nigel Floppyears was decorating; and I was working hard in the studio. I had just picked up my brush, when I heard a terrific crash from the other end of the burrow. Seconds later, Clarissa rushed in.

"Nigel's fallen off his ladder!" We ran into the bedroom. Nigel was lying on the floor, and paint had splashed everywhere.

Clarissa hurried to the telephone to call for an ambulance.

Minutes later, the paramedics arrived, and put Nigel on a stretcher.

The ambulance screeched off, its siren blasting away.

We hopped after the ambulance to the hospital. By the time we arrived, Nigel was already tucked up in bed, with Doctor Rabbit and Nurse Rabbit at his side. Doctor Rabbit looked very serious.

"Stand back everyone, this rabbit is turning pink. I think he's turning into a pig -- It must be swine flu!"

"He's not turning into a pig!" said Clarissa. "That's pink paint -- He's been decorating!"

"No!" cried Doctor Rabbit. "Swine flu is dangerous, and highly contagious. You must keep well away."

The door opened, and Nigel's little dog Winston ran in.

"Get that dog out of here," shouted Nurse Rabbit. "We can't have animals in this hospital!"

Before she could do anything, Winston ran to the bed, gave Nigel's face a big doggy lick -- and the pink disappeared.

"Ah -- the, er, illness, appears to have, er, gone into remission," said Doctor Rabbit. "No need to panic about swine flu after all. I don't know why you were all so worried."

Nigel's staying in hospital for a day or two to get over his fall. Meanwhile, Clarissa and I are working out how to get pink paint off Winston's tongue.