A postcard from Naughty Kitten

07 April 2009

Only this morning, Clarissa mentioned that we hadn't seen Naughty Kitten round here for a few days, when there was a knock at the door. It was our postman, Cyril Squirrel.

"Postcard for you," said Cyril. "Looks like someone's on holiday."

It was a postcard from Naughty Kitten! He's gone for a week by the seaside.

"Having a lovely time on the beach!" he wrote. "I'm building sandcastles and eating lots of ice-cream! Not going in the water though — nasty wet stuff, bleagh! Wish you were here! Love and licks, Naughty Kitten".

So I drew this picture of Naughty Kitten on the beach with his bucket and spade.