Three flying rabbits

26 March 2009

It's a very windy day! This morning, Clarissa and Nigel and I went up to the top of the hill behind our burrow. The wind was blowing hard, and clouds raced across the blue sky.

"Do you think we can fly?" said Clarissa, hopping through the grass.

"Let's try!" said Nigel.

We all took a deep breath, and when the next big gust of wind scrawled across the hilltop, we jumped as high as we could. And then we were flying!

Up, up, up into the sky! Far down below, we could see our burrow, and our field, and the woods beyond, and then further and further to places we've never seen before.

"Just one thing," shouted Nigel. "How do we get down again?"

"Who cares?" said Clarissa. "This is fun!"