Cuba: Day 8

14 February 2007

Urban sketching in Cuba.

A tree in the Botanic Gardens near Cienfuegos. The tree generates seedlings around it, which grow up and merge with the parent.

King palms, traveller’s palm and jurassic palms.


Cienfuegos is another UNESCO World Heritage city. Here are two of the buildings around the main square: the Teatro Tomás Terry and the Colegio San Lorenzo.

A roundabout

View of Cienfuegos from the top floor of the Hotel Jagua. You can’t miss the Royal Poinciana trees, also known as “Flamboyant trees” and “Flame of the Forest”. Look also for the chimneys of the oil refinery, and the baseball stadium.

Houses on the Punta Gorda

Palacio de Valle

A Moorish style palace built 1917, now a restaurant.